The 2016 Winter Intensive is an accumulative approach to movement research and artistic expression.  It is an opportunity for the pre-professional to professional level dancer to explore their creativity, cultivate new tools for structural and mental efficiency,  and continue mastery of their most vital, expressive instrument: the human body.

The Winter Intensive is a 3 day workshop offering a unique perspective and expertise to dancers based upon Pushing Progress Contemporary Mechanics and Pushing Progress Methodology in training.  Faculty provide an intelligent informed approach to instruction that encompasses a wealth of ideas and techniques.  This delivers the ability for dancers to translate technical tools into an efficient understanding of their craft as a whole.

Classes run 10:00 am - 7:00 pm daily over 3 days.


Approach. Awareness. Application. Artistry


Daily foundation begins with a focus on goal setting, and approach to training both mentally and physically. This includes workshops in intention setting, integrity, and inner-dialogue.


Using structural and mental efficiency for training continues through conditioning and technique classes as a regular practice in achieving the most efficient construction of the anatomical body. This approach helps foster mental and physical awareness with power and specificity.


Building from the power, confidence and technical ability created in foundation classes, the second part of the day is spent in exploration and expression of individual artistic development.


Technique/Movement Invention/Artistic Language/Self-Assessment/Personal Design


Ballet, Contemporary Mechanics, Improvisation Systems, Movement Research, Structural Conditioning, Goals/Personal Design, Anatomy

Photo: Justin Chao

Photo: Justin Chao