July 31st - August 6th, 2017
Ages 15 +
Ballet Hispanico, 167 W 89th St, New York, NY 10024



The 2017 Summer Excavation is an accumulative approach to movement research and artistic expression.  It is an opportunity for the pre-professional to professional level dancer to explore their creativity, cultivate new tools for structural and mental efficiency,  and continue mastery of their most vital, expressive instrument: the human body.

The Summer Excavation is a week long event offering a unique perspective and expertise to dancers based upon Pushing Progress Contemporary Mechanics and Pushing Progress Methodology in training.  Faculty provide an intelligent informed approach to instruction that encompasses a wealth of ideas and techniques.  This delivers the ability for dancers to translate technical tools into an efficient understanding of their craft as a whole.

Alongside the daily classes, Pushing Progress offers a unique Mentorship program, where dancers work one on one with a faculty member over the course of the week to clarify their individual goals. Feedback for the week is focused on having dancers increase skills in areas that support their personal goals.

Classes run 10:00 am - 7:00 pm daily over 7 days.


Approach. Awareness. Application. Artistry


Daily foundation begins with a focus on goal setting, and approach to training both mentally and physically. This includes workshops in intention setting, integrity, and inner-dialogue.


Using structural and mental efficiency for training continues through conditioning and technique classes as a regular practice in achieving the most efficient construction of the anatomical body. This approach helps foster mental and physical awareness with power and specificity.


Building from the power, confidence and technical ability created in foundation classes, the second part of the day is spent in exploration and expression of individual artistic development.



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  2. Once completed you will be asked to click the link to pay by credit card, or, you may pay by check.  Checks should be made payable to Pushing Progress, LLC,  and Mailed to Pushing Progress Contemporary Dance, 35 Kingman Road, South Orange NJ 07079
  3. Click the SUBMIT STATEMENT button below where each dancer must write a personal statement (This may be written ahead of time and then copied and pasted in the form).  Artists are to write with regards to the following :
    1. Who you are( A short  bio to include your background and training in dance)
    2. Artistic Statement (Who you are as an artist)
    3. Your future goals in dance (In Training and Professionally)
    4. What you are hoping to work on and achieve during the Pushing Progress Summer Excavation
Summer Excavation

Early Registration Discount (Before 05/21/17) - $780
Full Tuition - $880
Late Registration fee (After 07/01/17)  Tuition - $1000

NO REFUNDS are given for cancellations.

The Summer Intensive is limited to 40 students, ages 15 and up.


Class Descriptions

Integrated Biomechanical Movement and Sustained Body Awareness

Functional anatomy will meet practical application for dancers in this four part course, looking at muscle function as it relates to advanced movement modalities and intricacies, as well as self care techniques and conditioning.


A class using information in Bio Mechanics to connect, strengthen, and prepare the body, while focusing on structural placement.

Contemporary Ballet

This class will focus on the concepts of alignment, placement and the idea of rotation as a stabilizing force in the body. Creation of a greater awareness will be made of where movement comes from and how to bridge the gap between classical and contemporary styles. 

Approach to Performance and Artistry

This class is a multi technical exploration using sensations, improvisation, visual imagery, personal relationships, text work, research, environmental reaction, free-writing and spoken word to access emotions using life's experiences for artistic and creative development.

Compositional Strategies

A three part class comprised of personal and fundamental strategies in sourcing Inspiration and Content, Movement Invention, and Musicality and Performance.

Contemporary Mechanics

A process based movement technique established in Structural/Anatomical Awareness, Sensational and Experiential Motivation in approach to movement, and Cerebral and Visceral exploration of phrase work and artistic connection.   Class develops from Bio Mechanical exercises, through Warm-up, and Phrase work.

Personal Design in Mental and Physical Constructs

This class series explores the physical and mental constructs necessary to perform at your peak. Learn how to get the most from your body and mind in a way that serves your personal and professional goals.

Improvisation - Discovery/Investigation of Movement

This class focuses on familiarizing dancers with tools and task base exercises to help dancers access and recognize their personal vocabulary as a moving artist.

The Immersive Community

This 3 day workshop will examine the choreographic process. Building from a specific phrase, each day breaks the movement layers and formulates a communal language. Through the understanding of spacial shift and awareness, a lexicon of human exchange is composed.