Contemporary Training Program


Pushing Progress is about authenticity, vulnerability, and the conversation that creates art.  This 2 year program explores the connection of mind, body and artist over 8 months annually, September - May.  This collegiate-level training challenges dancers preconceived ideas of how their mind and body work thorough a breakdown of body mechanics and intense technical study and rigorous conditioning exercises.  Students shed old habits and ideas that no longer serve to give space to their true voice and expression as an artist. Training consists of 14 hrs of class work weekly in ballet, contemporary, conditioning, anatomy and more. Completion of this 2-year program has participants confident, technically strong and prepared to continue their journey into a professional creative career. Each year will consist of weekly technique classes in ballet, modern and contemporary mechanics. Weekly conditioning classes including but not limited to yoga, Pilates and GYROKINESIS®. The academic study of anatomy and it’s functional application to dance. Personal coaching and mentoring. Movement, improv and composition classes. Monthly guest teachers and seminars. All culminating in a performance at the end of each year. 

Year I dancers dig in to find the core competencies that are the foundation of a strong professional dancer. Old habits give way to efficient use of the mind and body. Dancers are trained in yoga, ballet, contemporary and anatomy.

Year II focuses on construction. In this year we build from the strong technical foundation of year I. Dancers begin to explore their own unique artistic voice while continuing the advancement of their technique. Development of dancers in this year includes performance opportunities as well as weekly rehearsal process. Dancers will also receive monthly guest instruction from industry professionals. Past and present faculty include Sidra Bell (Sidra Bell Dance New York), Manuel Vignoulle , Etta Murfitt (New Adventures), Mike Esperanza (Bare Dance Company). 

The program expands each dancers awareness with a focus on three main components:


  • Training is a state of mind. Dancers realize their potential and how to push themselves toward personal goals while exceeding any previous self created limitations. The CTP fosters creativity and nurtures a professional mindset in every class within the program.


  • Technique is a habit formed through concentrated practice and the constant pursuit of awareness. Applying a basic knowledge of anatomy, the CTP creates a better understanding of technique, not only as a style of dance but as a foundation from which to grow.


  • Students develop their artistry by melding the technical aspect of dancing with their individuality.  This is conducted through the exploration of improvisational systems and both intellectual and physical conversation.  At the end of the process, dancers have developed a distinct voice and a unique movement quality that makes them a valuable asset in any professional setting.

Year 1:  Foundations

  • 14 hours of training per week
    • Ballet
    • Contemporary Mechanics
    • Improvisation Systems
    • Jazz Technique
    • Conditioning
    • Performance Prep
    • Yoga
  • Quarterly Workshops with Guest Instructors
  • Required Reading and group Discussion for personal development
  • Projects include written work, choreographic work, and performance critiques
  • Regular Assessments with program directors
  • Year end performance

Year II:  Construction

  • Follows and furthers the content of Year 1
  • Building Artistry
  • Rehearsal Process
  • Additional Performance Opportunity
  • Leadership Skills:  Class Assistance and Demonstration

Code of Conduct

Please read through CODE OF CONDUCT thoroughly for all other information concerning the Pushing Progress Contemporary Training Program.