Pushing Progress In-Studio Workshops offer a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of the Pushing Progress approach to dance.  While Pushing Progress faculty consists of a diverse group of individuals who offer a wide range of experience in instruction and performance, all Pushing Progress instructors share a common belief that technique is a habit formed through concentrated practice and a constant pursuit to gain awareness. By teaching a basic understanding of anatomy and a technical approach to movement, Pushing Progress In-Studio Workshops will enhance a dancer’s ability to access the artist within.


The goal of Pushing Progress is to provide dancers and students with a synthesized approach of technical proficiency and mental focus that best equips them with the information and tools to develop as technicians as well as artists.



Our instructors consist of a diverse background of training, education and performance, working cohesively to offer students a unified message so that the fundamentals within our methodology become easy to understand and fun to learn. Our master class instructors are a faculty of trained professionals with a common goal to inspire, share knowledge, awareness and understanding with each individual seeking guidance and a professional understanding of their art form.


Pushing Progress methodology is based upon the values of education, training, technical proficiency, and pushing the artistic capacity of each individual.  This programming has developed from a diverse thread of influences, all of which value the workings of the human body as a vehicle of movement and the mind as a vehicle of achievement.  Through the collaboration of the diverse and knowledgeable instructors on faculty, Pushing Progress provides a toolbox of information for the dancer that offers technical proficiency, knowledge from a wide range of faculty experience and background, and training on the professional mindset necessary to utilize these tools to optimize their effect for each individual dancer.


Pushing Progress believes in the power of individual attention to help students translate newfound learning to the specifics of their own bodies. This approach endows artists with the tools and information necessary to reach their true potential in their own body. While sophisticated in nature, the arsenal of knowledge that Pushing Progress offers is accessible and understandable to every dancer.


Classes offered in: Contemporary Mechanics, Ballet Technique, Conditioning, Body Awareness and Anatomy, Modern, Jumps and Turns Technique, Improvisation, Contact Improv, Audition classes/prep, Pilates, and GYROKINESIS®. With discussions in Injury prevention, Nutrition, Kinesiology and more. 


Please email with any further inquiries on workshops lengths, costs, and availability.